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You finally snagged that first date, but now, where do you bring your date for that great first impression? However, splurging on grext first date which may or may not even result in sparks flying makes everyone uncomfortable. That said though, guys, do always pay for the first date if you want to ever have a second date. With its interesting British-inspired concept and quirky knick-knacks leading the way, The Study is surely a unique place to bring your first date.

The interesting decor itself dotted with English quintessential culture is sinfapore to impress! I literally died and went to donut heaven. Just its spectacularly beautiful scenery alone here at Southbridge will certainly set you on the right track with your partner this singspore date. Not to mention the variety of appetising small bites available and their extensive cocktail menu, this location will seal the deal.

Aphrodisiacs on a first date, even great dating places in singapore But be sure to check first if your date is a fan of oysters. Nestled all the way in the nook of Netheravon road itself pretty much the twilight region of Singaporethis cosy establishment gives one a sense of much-needed detachment from the city life. Surrounded with the floral and fauna from the nearby greenery, coupled with their vintage and colonial-styled interior, it exudes the perfect location for a romantic yet casual setting, provided you both stay in the East or the cab ride home is going to be a major bummer.

Their innovative combinations were extremely pleasing on our palates, and most pizzas were delectable. Coupled with their interesting concept mix of part retail store, part food-joint, your date and yourself can settle dtaing for a unique experience here, amidst shopping and and industrial-chic sake bar on top. Behold art lovers and creative individuals alike. Ok rather, just anyone who wants to have a fun time actually.

Arteastiq is the perfect place to have some piqued romance over a rather posh dining affair, be it lunch or dinner. Sitting atop Mount Faber, the magnificent view of the island of Singapore awaits you and sinhapore date as you dine amidst this wonderful scenery. Coined as a sake-tapas bar, Bam! With its industrial chic decor internet dating parody cosy, soft lighting, Bam! As with tapas, one would expect to find interesting, unique interpretations of both Japanese and Italian cuisine here; albeit a constantly changing menu.

What a great deal right? The food was pretty average, but the whole experience was definitely a memorable and fun-filled one. With its unpretentious, cosy interior, Nassim Hill proves to be just perfect for a grext date. Exuding relaxing vibes throughout this bakery-cum-bistro-bar, it still manages to maintain a romantic enough setting for iin date to be held. Continue your date long after dinner has ended with drinks or coffe too. Did I mention that their happy hour is the longest in Singapore so far, from 8am — 8pm daily?

Among their many delectable dishes, we had a hard time picking out our favourites. Read our full review of Nassim Hill here. Along with their Great dating places in singapore Southeast Asian fusion cuisine, the bistro certainly qualifies as an excellent location for first dates. Interestingly adventurous addition to the usual deal.

Hearty Thai cuisine paired with a retro, old-school vibe, the Folks Collective is definitely an unique place to bring your first date to create a sense of piqued interest. Their decor certainly appeals to the nostalgic side of everyone, with old-school toys and memorabilia; albeit with modern Thai food. Drury Lane exudes a cosy, warm atmosphere that is just great for a relaxed first date. The homely vibe coupled with the stellar comfort food they serve will certainly score points with your date, and their innovative spins each week for the weekend xingapore menu can serve as a starting point to bring your date back for more of such delicious brunch!

Tucked away at the humble Far East Plaza, one should not belittle this small storefront of Saveur. With its dimly lit interior, it still holds a romantic setting, in accordance with its affordable French cuisine. I mean, the French are known for romance right? Finnish dating sites could also try out their other outlets at Purvis Street and Ion Orchard for a less casual setting but be prepared to queue, especially at the Purvis outlet.

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Create a Profitable restaurant. Written by Olivia Poh. Tags affordable restaurants singapore first date singapore romantic restaurants singapore student friendly restaurant singapore. The Study With its interesting British-inspired concept and quirky knick-knacks leading the way, The Study is surely a unique place to bring your first date. Like Us On Facebook For More Videos! Olivia Poh Olivia is an avid pursuer of anything fun.

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