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Tall Women of Reddit: How do you feel about dating shorter men? So, I'm 5'10" and have never dated a guy shorter than I am. It may be because my ex refused to acknowledge me as his dating taller girl reddit in public if I wore heels It was "emasculating", apparently, to hold my hand when I "towered" over him. If you have dated someone shorter, were they accepting of your height? Did it affect your relationship roles or sex life?

A friend of mine is this tall goddess of a woman. Her ex was shorter than her, but loved it when she wore heels or emphasized her height, because she looked so powerful and beautiful and he loved her for it. Most guys weren't that accepting of her, though, and had a lot of insecurities because of it. I once dated a guy who was roughly inches shorter than I was. It didn't bother me and I don't think it bothered him too much for the most part.

Overall I'm someone who's pretty apathetic about height. I guess I'd prefer to date people who are close to my height within a few inches either way because it just seems more convenient, but ultimately, I don't dating taller girl reddit. I don't personally buy into any notions about certain heights conveying more 'power' or whatever.

I'm just not interested in all of that. With all of this said, though, I dating taller girl reddit think I'd feel too great dating someone who resented my height for one reason or another I'm 6'0" and like to think it's better to have loved a short man than never to have loved a tall. I haven't dated any men shorter, Dating taller girl reddit am 5'3" but my very good friend back home is 5'11" and her boyfriend is 5'9. She still wears heels and he still is happy to have her by his side. We talk often and she never mentions an issue.

My uncle is 5'5" I think and his wife is 5'10". They have two children and do a lot of things in public together. Additionally my boss is 5'11" I think and her husband is a bit shorter. They just had a dating taller girl reddit. They had family pictures done and he doesn't seem the least bit concerned. The women I know that are tall and have shorter significant others don't seem to have an issues relating to their height with their partners.

I was online dating theme wordpress an inch taller than my ex. It only became apparent when we'd stand close together or I'd wear anything other than flats. Now that I'm dating my current SO who is four inches taller than me, I realize that I much prefer that now, over a shorter guy. I've dated several guys shorter than me. No one has ever tried to tell me not to wear heels.

If they did they would receive hearty laughter and a chance to pretend it was a joke before I went click clacking on my fabulous be-spiked way. A few of them tried to lie to me about their height. I'm being dating taller girl reddit when I say you're 2 inches shorter than me. No your hair doesn't count. No big deal though. I just always thought it was a weird thing to lie to me about. I am the same height as dating taller girl reddit current boyfriend. He doesn't have a problem with it, or at least he has the good sense to keep it to himself.

Height doesn't usually get in the way of attraction for me. Where serious boyfriends are concerned. One was 5'11, one was 5'8, one was 5'10ish, and my current boyfriend is 5'9. I don't see shorter men as less attractive. I suppose I'm just jaded by an old dating taller girl reddit sour disposition. I"m 6', current partner is 5'10", its BY FAR the best relationship I've dating taller girl reddit had.

He doesn't care, I don't care, we're really compatible. It seems pretty shallow for me to write off over half the male population just because I'm so tall. Compatibility is hard enough to find, I don't need to make it harder. I don't like heels that much and don't own any over 3" tops. I'm clumsy enough in flats, I don't need to make things harder on myself. I would feel really awkward being in high high heels anyway dating taller girl reddit that would make me like 6'5".

I feel you there. I didn't like how I could look down on my ex at times, it made him seem less attractive to me. It wasn't him, it was me. It made me feel awkward and giant-like. I always wanted someone I could look up at. I've always been attracted to tall guys. My boyfriend now is taller than me and it makes me feel a lot better. I don't slouch anymore and I can wear heels. It makes me feel cute.



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