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Teenage Dating Violence: Signs, Examples of Dating Violence

Examples of Partner Violence

Dating violence affects many teens today. When verbal and emotional violence are included, percentages are much higher. Examples of dating abuse of teen dating violence in gay and lesbian relationships are similar to rates in heterosexual dating relationships. Teen dating violence occurs in all ethnic groups and at all economic levels. Teens who experience dating violence are at risk for problems including substance abuse, unhealthy weight control such as using laxativespregnancy, risky sexual behavior, sexually transmitted diseases, hopelessness, self-harming behaviors, suicide and homicide.

Teen dating violence is a pattern of abusive behaviors that are used to gain power and control over a current or former dating partner. There are four types of dating examplees. Some examples are listed for each type, but other abusive or coercive behaviors that are ecamples with the intent of examples of dating abuse the partner examples of dating abuse also be considered dating violence. The abusive behaviors that occur in teen dating violence are similar to those that occur in adult domestic violence, but teen dating violence has unique dynamics.

It may be more difficult for teens to recognize abuse because they have less relationship experience. They may also interpret jealousy and controlling behaviors as signs of love. Some studies have reported that the frequency of engaging in teen dating violence is similar for females and males, but these studies examplee overlook examppes context and effects of the violence.

For example, females usually report using violence for self-defense, but males usually report using violence to intimidate, frighten or control their partners. When females experience sbuse violence, they are more likely to have serious injuries that require medical treatment and to feel emotionally distressed and afraid. When males experience dating violence, they are less examples of dating abuse to be injured and are more likely to laugh it off or get angry.

Teens are most likely to examples of dating abuse tell a friend about the violence or to not tell anyone. One study found that only 6 percent told a family member or other adult. There are many barriers that prevent teens in violent dating situations from seeking help. For more information, see Teen Dating Violence -- Awareness and Prevention. If you or someone you know is experiencing dating violence, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at SAFE or Dafing.

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Search all of MissouriFamilies. Subscribe to the Free MissouriFamilies. Human Environmental Sciences Extension Newsletters. They are often afraid to tell an adult. They may not want their parents to know because the violence abhse have occurred while they were doing something they are not allowed to do. They fear that the abuser will retaliate.

They may be in real danger — abuse often escalates when the victim leaves the relationship. They are afraid that peers will lose respect for them. In some states dxamples is not possible for a minor to get an order of protection against another minor. Many shelters do not accept minors. Get adult help if you can. Plan for your safety at home, school and in community settings, abuee you are staying in the relationship datinf leaving it.

This includes planning who you can go to for help and exakples to do to escape a dangerous situation. Have phone numbers you can call in case of an emergency and have a cell phone with you at all times. Avoid being alone or being alone with the abuser. Try to be with a friend, family member or other people at home, school and in public places. Keep a record with exmples and descriptions of each violent incident. Avoid blaming your friend for being in this situation.

What Are the Different Types of Dating Abuse?

Teen Dating Violence (Part 1)

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