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The Cat String Theory – Make The Women Chase You!

Cat String Theory Explained: Make Women Chase You!

Reap Havoc on the dating scene, with tips, tricks and success stories of other men and women just like yourself. Learn self improvement, pick up, monetizing techniques, as well as get dating advice, and real help for your dating cat string theory dating. Welcome to Date Havoc. Saturday, July 30, The Cat String Theory Explained. What is the Cat String Theory? The Cat string theory deals with the subconscience way we desire things, you always want what you can't have and never want what you do.

The idea is to convey yourself as within reach of the target but never obtained. This can be applied to everyone. How to apply it to women: To apply it to women, you must look un-attracted to the female, yet still very friendly and easy to get along with. Show you have the qualities women want, but do so without free dating sites in kentucky like your trying. You must be the string in the girls eyes.

As soon as the female starts to show attraction, you will want to jump at the opportunity. Hold back, make her work for you. Do not give the cat the string, or even worse, become the cat. Sometimes they show attraction as a shit test. Wait for the perfect moment to strike. Dos and Donts DO Look her in the eye. DO Remain interesting DO Be yourself.

Unless you cat string theory dating at life. DONT Be an ass DONT Suck at life. DONT Lean forward every time she talks. Posted by Gh0st16 at Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Jim Jones December 27, at Newer Post Older Post Home. Anonymous Dating Advice Questions Are you struggling in a relationship, struggling to get into a relationship, Or even just need someone to talk to?

Shoot me an email at jakem love. And how to give it to them. The Cat String Theory Explained The Right Time to Kiss Your Date. About Me Gh0st16 View cat string theory dating complete profile. There was an error in this gadget.

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String Theory Is The Only Game In Town

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