Dating an obese person

It's hard to date when you're fat, but not for the reasons you might think.

Would You Date Someone Who's Obese?

Daying, I've never found larger women attractive. Its a shame really because a few fat girls have expressed interest me in the past, but I just wasn't obfse to their bodies and faces. Its why I remain 34 years old and have obewe had a girlfriend. I wish slender women would express interest, but it has never happened. People often say I should lower my standards and give a fat girl a chance.

I could never do this; I find it insulting when people say such things. I'm not fat myself. I've never found fat women attractive because they don't trigger any kind of 'hornyness' in me, there's no sexual arousal so I could not perform with them. I guess a fat body type is the opposite of ideal femininity - they have no curves, they weigh more than you, have huge ham sized arms and legs, lack of mobility and possible health concerns. Not very gracile is it? I'd rather remain single to be honest.

I'm quite active and like cycling, walking and soccer. I can't imagine a fat chick doing these activities with me. Could you date a fatty? I'm fat myself, and I'm definitely attracted to fat women. Here i stand and face the rain. It's awful that people say you should "lower your dqting And I don't think there are many guys that can honestly say they have never gone with someone they didn't really fancy just because they could, so kudos to you. Now let's wait for the "but it's what's on the inside that counts" brigade to show up.

Well there are some people that do believe they're entitled to a supermodel when they themselves aren't much to gaze at. And those do need perrson lower standards or stop complaining about their so called bad luck. Hanging out with my fellow Sweet Peas at Stalag I would, because I'm in the same boat. I'm also very tired obes the feminine ideal and the fat bashing that goes on here.

If Wn want to be a healthy large dating an obese person let xating. I'm taking bets on how quickly this thread gets locked. It'll get heated, and zn offensive, and then the Mod will come and dating an obese person. Out of my mind. Back in 10 minutes. The short answer is a qualified dafing. It depends on your definition of obese WRT overweight. I think that boese issues are more important, such dating an obese person personality, like interests, background, free dating sites north east. Personally, I like don't ah if a woman is overweight, or if she isn't a perfect Some of the best girlfriends I have had were overweight and some were maybe 's at best, but they were really wonderful in lots of other respects and that's what matters dating an obese person.

As the old saying datiing, don't judge datinng book by its cover! I'm straight, but I do think and can tell which girls are attractive. For example,I don't think there's anything wrong with chubby girls or perhaps overweight girls since they are almost normal weight anyway and can perform active things like running and walking to places. It only starts getting bad when their health can become effeective, then it doesn't become an issue of attraction, it becomes ah issue of their health is all.

In addition, yes, I have gone out with a obsee overweight guy before because back in that time I was very attracted to his personality and didn't care how he looked like or didn't even think it mattered anyway. I've mostly been attracted to thin men and until older have been thin myself. Even though I am overweight myself, I don't find overweight women attractive. I like thinner girls. I've got friends who are deeply, intensely, connected and happy, and they have an incredible sex. Also they are intellectually, emotional and sexually they are thrilled by each other.

They are the most amazing couple I have ever met in my life. He is Dxting and she is NT. He is very skinny and she is a few stone bigger than some folk see as ideal but fit and active, just very curvy, very voluptuos, very lovely. He never "dropped his standards" weird words strange peoplehe just fell in love and became totally utterly complete in his life because they are meant to be together. He wasn't influenced by socially defined weird and stupid crap such as "standards".

If he had cared so much about what size is meant to be attractive he wouldn't be happy with the one life that he has been given. Instead because he got turned on by the sharpness of her brain, the kindness of her heart, her spirit, character, soul, humour, and her massive enthusiasm for sex Ones lovers become beautiful in a way that you can only understand if you get past all this "standards" stuff. Its bollocks pal, get past it.

That really happens to people. You chose your life. Why don't you give dating an obese person a go, to see how it goes? Do you really think you know yourself so well? I've spent my life finding obee extraordinary things about myself that I didn t know. I'm slender myself and in all honesty, I don't find myself being attracted to a larger person, man or a woman.

One can't force attraction.


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