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Can someone explain Acid Date Buffalo Nickels

Privacy Policy Terms of Use Terms of Membership. Built with and Bootstrap. Powered by Vanilla Forums. Categories Discussions Activity Best Of Coin Forum if window. March 1, March 1, 1: There's a acid dating coins called Nik-A-Date that when applied to the date area of a nickel will indeed bring the date back so that it can be seen better. Acid dating coins seen it bring back dates where no shadow of a date existed before. It will very likely help you to determine if you really have an overdate.

The downside is that it will also very likely leave a stain on the date area which can be anything from a dark blotch to a highly reflective shiny silver color. The coin will sell at a large discount as a result. Still, if you can't tell what you have, there seems to be nothing to lose????? You don't need to acid date the coin to see if it's a DDO. Look at the ends of the two feathers with a loupe. Even in low grade the doubling can still be seen there pretty clearly. Here's an acid dated DDO which has AG details but net graded to FR-2 because of the acid treatment.

You can see the doubling on the inside of the upper feather even in this condition. There's got to be some other technique to try to discern a dateless buffalo. Maybe different type of lighting? Maybe shading a pencil on paper over the date area? Something other than ACID?!?! March 1, 2: Low grade coins with a date are always worth more than the same coin after treatment with acid.

The overdate is the same way. It is possible to identify a acid dating coins piece as the overdate and ANACS will authenticate it. If you acid treat the coin it will be worth LESS than the dateless piece would have been. March 2, 5: I am not personally familiar any overdate being sold dateless. March 2, 6: So what are you going to do? Can you show us the feathers? Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? March 2, 8: I haven't made any attempt to do anything to it yet, I am acid dating coins maybe a light soaking in soap and water, I can see the date and what appears to be a second date below it.

Thank's, for the help Acetone might be helpful and won't hurt the coin. I am unable to purchase Acetone here in my area, Evidently nobody carrie's it because the Meth problem, I suppose that acid dating coins must be part of the ingredients used to manufacture that cr p March 2, 9: Nail polish remover acetone Joe.

March 2, 3: Look at the ribbon ties-they should be strongly doubled, acid dating coins. March 2, 4: Anxious to know if this is the double date. I bet everyone who sees a worn is convinced it's the big one. Well, Here's the pics. See what you think? I love acid dates cause there cheap. Acid dating coins run a rickshaw fly by night coin operation on EBAY under the name midwestcoin13 i believe i have said enough. I hate peta greenpeace or any other hippy orgs plus lawyers who file stupid lawsuits.

I watch the fox news channel to much I like watching Bill O'reilly I am a fan of ICG. Plus I dont submit to PCGS I also sell organs on the black market HepKitty approved I love White Castle. March 3, 4: There is no evidence of doubling on the feathers that I can tell from the pic. Hope I'm wrong Joe. Sign In or Register to comment. It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons!

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Acid dating buffalo nickels

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Acid Dating a Buffalo Nickel

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