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Jan 5, Messages: There are K-Pop companies which ban their K-Pop Idols from dating, some for a couple daing years, jpop maybe for their whole K-Pop career, how do you feel about this? Do you think that some K-Pop fans here project the culture they come from into South Korea's culture too much and think that what they believe in and feel to be true has to be true for everyone, are they arrogant pricks who should shut the fuck up?

The same kind who thinks that eating dog meat is wrong because they are from a culture where it's only okay to eat pig, etc meat and are proud pig eaters themselves? Are they hypocrites or are there things which transcend culture like LOVE, Kpoo AND SOMEONE SUCKING MY DICK? Do idol dating kpop think that Idols idll can't sacrifice something for the sake of their passion of dreams don't deserve to be K-Pop Idols? Do they have no real priorities by not being able to delay dating and their love life for a while for the sake of their career?

Or is this too cruel, are Idols just humans too? Do you think that since all Idols are still young, that it's a waste that they can't date because your youth is your prime time? Should dating not be a scandal or do Idols have to uphold an image for their fans? Is it part of their job? Does a dating ban encourage a possessive relationship, some K-Pop Fans seem to have? Or mpop this ban protect Idols from crazy saesangs, etc too? Do you also think that only heterosexual relationships datig okay in South Korea's society and that Idols can only date the opposite sex?

Do K-Pop Idols have to hide their sexual orientation too? How many idols do you think are or have to secretly date because of this? Is it okay or only after a couple of years? How long would you kppop K-Pop Idols from dating if at all? Do you think that I'm dating a K-Pop Idol secretly right now and banging idol dating kpop behind eating back?

Share your thoughts Discuss. Oct 26, Messages: It's stupid to have a dating ban. Fans don't own idols. And especially with more popular groups: Of course, that's dating site for cops including the possibility that they're dating in secret. Which would bring a whole lot more shit if they were found out. Sep 9, Messages: I'm sry I can't concentrate your sig and DP are the same as an older troll we saw on here, I want to say his name is Voldmin Mar 5, Messages: Idol dating kpop it take long time to come idol dating kpop with all those questions?

Nov 29, Messages: I'm kind of in the middle of this. It's Good because those idols will get less idol dating kpop scandals and the knetz won't lose their shit again. Bad because fans never even owned that idol and have no right in deciding on who he dates. They might never realize that Oppa can date who he wants. Jan 20, Messages: Even if they don't have a dating ban, society won't change. Even on SNS single women have more followers than the married ones, simple as that, that's b'coz most of them only think about who to bone with, unless they are celebates.

K-pop works the same way. It's human nature, no one can change it. Sep 27, Messages: With revenue like idols? Dec 15, Messages: I think that more than bad or good It's necessary. I wouldn't iidol that it's just because Korean fans get crazy when their faves are dating, they get crazy for sure but it's the same with western artist. I think the difference now is that those who decide to talk and show themselves as they are aren't idol dating kpop of the backlash anymore and leave the option to their fans if they want to accept them as they are or not.

Mar 16, Messages: I think its good in a business aspect which is what a company is at the end of the day. If they can keep their idols from dating or getting into dating scandals those idols will become more favorable in the public eye, and it'll be easier for Kpop fans to be able to imagine their favorite as a partner or so on and so forth. Though I don't support that gross type of behavior odol fans do not own idols and shouldn't be given the satisfaction in knowing their idol isn't dating because they have fans.

But on top of all of that most idols are busy, and the company wants them focusing on making it. Not focusing on a relationship and also keeping that relationship secret. So I see why a company would want a dating idol dating kpop. But I seriously don't want to support it either because they idol dating kpop human and wanting human companionship is a normal thing.

Idol dating kpop shouldn't have to hold back for immature fans who can't handle it. I wish they could date happily. I mean like I stated being a Kpop idol dqting hard and stressful and I like to think that having someone to love by their side can usually ease all that stress. It was the main reason I was so happy for Kai when it was revealed he was dating Krystal. He's so stressed and busy, he needs someone on the sidelines who he can snuggle up to on his worst nights.

I like and support that, but I hate the shit that gets thrown at them and the whole baekyeon situation was horrendous and I felt so bad. Even though I don't even like Taeyeon. Mar 18, Messages: As if it stops them from dating. I can see it during the first year or so, but after that it's just cruel. And it would NEVER fly here in the U. Mar 17, Messages: I used to give 5 years to my artists for dating bans, and recently I lessen it to 3 years, just for them to focus on debuting. But its not like any of my artists follows it anyway.

Wonder Girls and 2PM have admitted to scrap this ban away easily. There is however an example from JYP of idol dating kpop dating and causing trouble.

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