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We also adting a chat, just for okder. You first have to register here, then click on this link and join okchat. Be sure to use eeddit Reddit username so other users can recognize you! Younger Women With Much Older Men: I have a pretty good handle on what older men find attractive dating older guy reddit younger women. People often throw out money as an answer, but in my personal life when I've seen this the older guy does not usually have a lot of money or prestige.

Daddy issues is a popular theory as well, but that seems like a short gu catch all that can't reddih contain the entirety of female experience dating older dudes. Ladies, if you have or are or would like to date older men, oolder Especially if you did when you were younger and have some distance and perspective now, have you thought much about it? I know this topic is touchy, I'm dating older guy reddit trying to foster an actual discussion and not a flame war.

Commitment is probably the main one. Also have you ever banged a guy in their early dating older guy reddit, it's not that great. And all the dudes my age I date have commitment issues. Girl I feel you, the worst bang I had was who was afraid of commitment but also didn't like that I was dating other people. He bought me mozzarella sticks after I wish I redxit asked for chicken nuggets!

Next disappointing date I'll get the nuggets. They're hot, more plder, more established. This is making me miss my younger days. Get away from that primary school! That's not what we meant when we said inappropriate! I mean I get that - but I never felt like I erddit going to be forever alone or anything of the sort. The transition from college life to professional life was still pretty jarring for me on the dating front though. I don't know how it is in Dallas but dating older guy reddit the Bay Area dudes are, like, barely adults at Gky is why I date 40 year olds.

I've encountered plenty of those. They actually seem proud of their attempts to "stick it to the man. I dating older guy reddit they prefer being single. Fewer responsibilities, unless they can find a woman who's willing to support them. Women are always looking for a datung who they can change, but then when they meet a guy who literally needs to be changedall gyy a sudden he's a "manchild" and a "weird diapered pervo" and a klder thought I told you to stop showing up at my workplace".

There's nothing in there but Denny's "frequent diner" cards and individual-use packets of Feddit Gay. I didn't survive the Great Depression without learning ddating few thriftiness tips. If I can make two slices of Wonderbread and a boullion cube last for a week's worth of meals, imagine how long I can last in bed I have a blueberry pop-tart belly. When I was 21 I dated a guy who was 33 and he was a disaster.

Craigslist hobart dating assure you I didn't do it for his money he had none. He also had this kind of greaser type look that I was inexplicably attracted to. Afterwards I realized that often can't say always men who aren't attracted to age appropriate women it's because those age appropriate women won't have anything to do with them and their fucking nonsense.

All that's missing from that dude's description is his leather jacket and his penchant for doing wheelies gyy his motorbike. He didn't have dating older guy reddit motorcycle or a valid license reddit to DUI's or a leather jacket I have a thing for leather. I dated someone 10 years older than me for 7 years, I generally are more attracted to men in their 30s I'm They're better, more seasoned, more secure lovers overall.

People in their 20s tend to be dating older guy reddit lovers and they're still trying to be cool so you know they're going to choose something else over you. Even if you're simply hooking up with them oldder still so much better. They hold better conversations, the sex is better. They're not trying to overcompensate and go balls to the walls to "LIVE IT UP", soooo much more fucking chill.

Instead of menial nihilistic early 20something behavior with a datinb door of menial relationships, I was traveling the world, drinking really good booze, into really great music and movies. Makes two of us, buddy. Also my wife is using it to try to hook me up with one of them youngins. I was married to a man who was several years older than me. He was handsome, funny, fun to be with, good at olde, stable and very supportive.

I don't know if he'd always been like that, but that's what I got out of the deal. Just read through all the comments and the thing that made me chuckle the most was "much older men" to people in this group is still years younger than me. More on topic- Yes, I have my shit together. I know what I'm doing in the areas where men need to know what they're doing.

And I am very happily in a relationship with a woman almost 10 years younger who I met dating older guy reddit OkC. The older the guy is, the better he tends to be at marketing himself, grooming, etc. It also means I datinh separate my personal dating from my professional collegeminimising the chances of issues in one affecting the other, whether it be an angry ex or increased attention from classmates post-breakup. The compartmentalising also helps keep me sane and destress. Additionally, the people who are physically closest to me generally make pretty good money by necessity.

I actually only started letting somethings pay for me recently, mostly because they were making ridiculous money, although I'm forever ready to pay and tend to always ask. I would say more than anything, I like hot, confident people and I don't see a reason to say no to that. Sometimes they're my age, sometimes they're 27, sometimes they're Point is, he's bonerific. And statistically, there are more men notably older than me reddif men close to my age. Each age range dating older guy reddit comes with its own issues and its own benefits.

I do think 40 is my limit and will stay that way for the next few years or even longer. Put another way, sometimes it's not about the age difference, but the way their age manifests in how they carry themselves. Side note-- an age gap also fits in neatly with how I like size differences, sexually speaking. My theory is that I like olser imbalances and an age difference helps establish that further, but I dating older guy reddit don't know at the end of the day.

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