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I have frequently been asked by single Christians how they can find other Christians. My first answer is that if you are looking for someone to marry, pray to the Lord about your needs. But even in prayer God tells us that we must put effort into our lives. He tells us to pray for our daily food Luke Men must do what they can, and God will take care of what they cannot do.

Therefore, my second response is to go events sponsored by churches and members of the church of christ dating sites. There you are going to find people will similar values to your own. Still, Christians are widely spread through the world. At times you will not find someone close to home. There are services available to single Christians that allow you to correspond with other Christians. They can be useful and I know several Christians who have met church of christ dating sites spouse in this fashion.

I must repeat the often said warning: There are frauds out there and the Internet makes it very easy to pretend to be someone you are not. Check out the congregation they claim to attend. Talk to the elders or the preacher at that congregation. Make sure you are dealing with a genuine Christian. A discussion group for members of conservative churches of Christ non-institutional in the 17 to 29 age bracket. Church of Christ Singles: Though its title claims it is for members of the church of Christ, the reality is that there are non-members on this site.

Nor is it discriminating between the types of churches institutional, non-institutional, one-cup, etc. However, they do accept people of all church of christ dating sites. There is a charge to communicate with other members of this site. Remember that even though the Internet is wide-spread, every Christian is not on the Internet and church of christ dating sites Christians, especially women believe that using services, such as those listed above is too forward.

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Follow us on Google Plus Follow us on Facebook Share this page with your friends. AMP ASV DARBY ESV GW HCSB KJV LEB MESSAGE NASB Dating in northern cyprus NIV NIRV NKJV NLT TNIV YLT. Meeting Other Members of the Church of Christ I have frequently been asked by single Christians how they can find other Christians.

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Church of christ dating websites

LDS online dating sites. My experience!

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