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Plentyoffish dating dating female amputees are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. A short time later, while working around the house, she hears the doorbell ring.

With a smile he says "How do you think I rang the doorbell? I just wish their disability was as obvious as a dating female amputees amputee so I would know to avoud them. A dating female amputees limb has about as much to do with a woman's datability as the price of beets in China. I don't know about the price of beets in China - but I do know - it's not about what's missing - but about what I've still got.

He had been an athlete and suffered a freak accident. He was cute, charming, smart, and dating female amputees. I would have seriously considered dating him if I had not already had a boyfriend. And I was in nursing school, so I had some idea of what I would have been in for. However, a man I IM'ed a few times on here had been trading posts with a woman that he said looked just like Cheryl Crow and he was really anxious to meet her.

When he got to her house, she opened the door and that is when he discovered that she had no arms. I can only imagine how shocked he was. The moral of the story is tell it all up front I guess. As you say, it's all about what you have. I wish you productive fishing in good water. That is the most biggest mistake to do!!!!!!!!!! One woman having leg prosthesis in both legs told me that she had taken some man at her home, and he had found the truth when they went to bed, and she said he was a little bit shocked!!!

I would have been shocked too! I've always avoid situations like that. Dating female amputees, they say everybody has a right to be what they are, or what they want. They all have an opinion, and I think it's our right. Ofcourse it feels bad for me as a woman to hear man saying he couldn't date me because of my disability. But I wouldn't judge him for that. I haven't met any men like that in my life, so I think that when they see me walking, and limbing a bit, they don't want to know any more details.

In regards to this question, one of the products my company manufactures is a new type of elevating wheelchair system that goes way up giving the user complete height access to anything anyone else can get to. I recently did a custom job for a friend that i've known for years who has no arms, and needed one of the units to get her high enough to work in the kitchen with both feet.

She cooks, and she sews, can tie shoelaces, open doors, drive and do pretty much anything that anyone else can do and possibly much more than some as well, and simply does it with her feet instead of hands. In regards to dating an amputee, well i was married to one for 9 years and have dated several others. In regards to my ex, even though we weren't right to be married to each other she is a very sweet and wonderful woman, and we've maintained a wonderful friendship both before and after the marriage, and i've also dated amputees who were very much into power and who's purpose in a relationship was to hurt the person they loved as this is what gave them pleasure, needless to say those relationships didn't last very long as this is something i have no need to do to others nor will i have it done to me.

In regards to dating or being with one in the future, yes, absolutely, provided my other attractions are met, that dating female amputees is also a person who knows how to let life be a peaceful and happy thing. I find the physical differences to be intresting and in some cases they can prove to be very erotic as well, and these are generally people who have overcome challenges and also know what life is about. The women i have no interest in dating are the thousands of typical common barbie dolls who's profiles are posted on here, who all want the same foolish things dating female amputees in who's profiles i find no indication dating female amputees any sort of character or substance of any kind, nor any difference between one and the next.

Again, based on past experience these are more likely to use a man than to love him as they think they can get away with it because of how they look. Anyway, theres my two cents worth, so i hope those reading this have at least found it entertaining: I would definitely date an amputee again if I had the opportunity. I would actually prefer to date a woman who is an amputee.

I don't know why, but I find their bodies very attractive for some reason. I don't care what the cause of her amputation is. Presumable she is healthy now, just somewhat inconvenienced by the lack of a limb or more. Being an amputee does not make anyone more or less datable, or lovable. Everyone has dreams, and dating female amputees which shape them. People are all the same on the inside.

Physical limitations do limit some activities, for instance someone missing both legs might not go backpacking over long distances. The everyday things you think would cause people trouble, like a set of stairs to a friends house causing trouble to someone without legs is not as much a problem as you would initially believe. Most of the amputees that I have met are very mobile. Dating female amputees limb may be missing, but everything else works.

It is not like a functional limb is dead, and you have to keep checking that it is not being damaged. The limb was removed, so it is not heavy and causing dead weight, it is absent and not causing a problem. In some cases where a partial limb is lost, the rest of the limb is still functional, an dating female amputees person can use that limb to best effect with or without prosthetics. I know one woman who was born with her arms and legs missing above the elbows and knees.

She is now living with a long term boyfriend, but for a few years she had her own apartment and lived independently, including working a 40 hour work week, and driving to work and back. I do not expect that most amputees dating female amputees more than one limb to be able to duplicate that feat, especially if their condition is recent, but I wanted to point out that a perceived disability of someone you meet on the street is not as limiting as you dating female amputees imagine.

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