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Log in or sign up to create your own posts. Genius advice from the people whose job it is to be better at love than you. That said, there are still some things that most people can benefit from, so we talked to a bunch of relationship experts to get their best advice. Just forget the old advice that tells you not to, because it's bullshit.

That, and there's actual science that proves why staying up to hash out your problems instead of sleeping is terrible advice. Needing space from your partner is NOT a bad thing. In fact, for a lot of couples, giving each other plenty of time to themselves is a huge factor in their relationship success, Terri Orbuch, Ph. Obviously, too much space isn't good — there's a reason you're a couple — but in ptter, partners who have their own hobbies, interests, and friends are happier than those who depend on each other for everything, says Orbuch.

Pretty much every expert we talked to brought up the importance of showing sincere appreciation. Like making small talk like a pro at your work party or picking up your favorite beer without you even asking. It might seem like a good idea to keep a seemingly minor pet peeve to yourself, but over time, you'll wind up ruminating and it can turn into a nastier kind of irritation and resentment.

Bring up the annoyances in a constructive way when they're still not a big deal so they don't become problems later, says Orbuch. You've probably heard that "I" statements are important in effective communication and that's definitely true — but only if you use them correctly. The point of "I" statements is to communicate your feelings in a nicer, more compassionate way that's more likely to be heard, couples therapist Elisabeth Lamotte, founder of DC Counseling and Psychotherapy Centertells BuzzFeed.

You probably think you and your partner talk all the time, but how much of that communication is just about day-to-day, surface-level stuff? Don't assume you know everything about each other even if you've been together for a long time — instead, ask off-the-wall questions you may never have talked about, like what good memory your partner would use to conjure a patronus. Or, you know, if y'all aren't Harry Potter nerds, any of Harry potter dating advice buzzfeed Bellassai's first date questions.

Phones are great and all, but going technology-free every once in a while can really go a long way in making you more available and accessible for your partner, couples therapist Irina Firstein tells BuzzFeed. Obviously, you don't want to fight all the time, bzuzfeed it's important to get harry potter dating advice buzzfeed out in the open and work through it. The key is to fight fairly, dating coach Tracey Steinberg tells BuzzFeed.

For more info datihg couples therapists on how to argue in a way that won't destroy your relationship, check out these tips. Stop Selfishness From Ruining Your Relationshiptells BuzzFeed. Instead, you're keeping your partner in the loop in a way that doesn't leave them feeling unimportant, ignored, or hurt. Living the Expanded Version of Your Life. If advicee is lacking in your partnership, try making the first move to lgbt dating apps in india it back into things.

It's about continually buzzfeec in your relationship so it can continue to harry potter dating advice buzzfeed, says Winter. Make sure you don't fall prey to what Harry potter dating advice buzzfeed calls "silent dining syndrome" — going out to the same old restaurants and barely talking — by doing genuinely fun, stupid, adventurous things together and continuing to ask questions and learn more about each other.

According to Winter, constructive communication that will actually help your relationship is non-accusatory in nature and is used to share your emotions. Basically, giving them a better picture of yourself and really communicating all that important stuff that makes you you. There are lots of little things you can do to be a better partner, but one of the easiest and most enjoyable, tbh is to treat yourself well first, psychiatrist Dr.

Carole Lieberman tells BuzzFeed. Do whatever makes you feel good about yourself, harry potter dating advice buzzfeed the more you love yourself, the happier and more confident you are, and the more good vibes you can bring to the relationship. In Harry potter dating advice buzzfeed experience, couples who give affirmation to each other regularly are the happiest — that means compliments, encouragements, gestures, things that show in small ways that they're special to you.

Here are a bunch of little things you can do to make your relationship stronger. We become the One to each other. Check your inbox and datnig your subscription now! News Videos Quizzes Tasty More Hey BuzzFeed Community! Animals Audio Books Harry Buzz Celebrity Community Entertainment Food Geeky Health Investigations LGBT Life Music Nifty Parents Podcasts Puzzles Politics Reader Rewind Science Shopping Sports Style Tech Travel Weddings World.

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