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I thought that name was familiar. Last night, I had a gay republican dating dinner, spontaneously arranged, with one of my closest friends in LA. He and I had met about six years via an online dating service. I related a tale about a guy I met depicted as thin in his online pictures, but who in person, suffered from a severe shall we say, a severe absence of thin. After our coffee date, I went back home and checked his profile and gay republican dating that that was clearly the guy depicted online, but the pictures were at least ten years old.

And we wondered last night, my friend and I, we wondered what these men thought when they posted these pictures, that their scintillating personalities would make up for the difference in appearance? The other day, I had this bizarre first and last date. After becoming acquainted in an online dating forum, we agreed to meet at his place for a drink. When I arrived, he asked me what I wanted; I requested a water. As soon as he filled my glass, he pulled out a plate, a lighter, a spoon and some other drug paraphernalia.

He asked me if I wanted to join him. Guess he interpreted my support for drug legalization to indicate that I was not averse to dating a man who did drugs — and that I used them myself. Realizing then how uninterested I was dating that man, I debated how best to handle the situation. Should I just tell him as much and leave or be a gentleman and stay? He insisted I stay, so I obliged him. We chatted for maybe an hour gay republican dating I took my leave, saying I needed to finish some things up before bed.

As I drove home, relieved that I was free, I recalled a similar date with a man I had met online. Wisely, he and I got together at a coffee shop. As the conversation began, I realized we had little in common and pondered how long I should stay before taking my leave. Gentleman he may not have been, but honest he was.

The other night, I should have followed his lead. As many of our blog gay republican dating know, I am a huge fan of the English novelist George Eliot. Tolkien and Albert Camus, she ranks as my favorite prose author, with Homer, Wordluf AKA the Beowulf-poet and Wordsworth ranking as my favorite poets. I have often believed gay republican dating if you really want to date someone, you would show an interest in their passions.

For example, before I came out, a German woman was obsessed with me, yet entirely indifferent to the things I loved, refusing to understand why I would prefer to sit at home reading than to go to a crowded club with loud music playing. It seemed she was attracted to the surface and remarkably uncurious about what lay beneath. Over a decade ago, I met a nice intelligent, attractive, libertarian man in a relationship and we struck up a friendship.

He had bought it because of my love for the great English Romantic. I also recognized that all was not well with his then- relationship. In retrospect, I wondered if I should have done something more, given this obvious interest. He would later break up with the boyfriend, but foolishly perhaps, I never pursued the matter.

Only later, much later, did I appreciate how significant his act was, going out of his way to buy a book of poems because I loved the poet. Earlier this week, I was chatting with a friend of mine, a spirited and savvy lesbian north of Gay republican dating was a little giddy after having just met a fetching young woman who appeared to be very much her type. Those in our group expressed optimism that things might work out between our single friend and the young lady whose acquaintance she had just made.

But, she worried about the age difference — greater than a quarter century. Fumbling for words, I tried to recall that term for older woman who like younger women. So, we decided to adopt a new term, a cheetah for an older lesbian who dates younger women. And a kitten is a young lesbian who likes cheetahs. So, an acquaintance of mine, young guy who is attracted to older guys, attracts the online attention of a guy at the upper end of his desired demographic.

I understand my acquaintance declined the invitation to get acquainted. A long time ago, when I was new to the incredible intolerance of the gay left, it used to bother me when gay lefties who, initially eager to go out with me, would find their attraction turn to aversion when they learned my political affiliation.

But, as time passed, I began to see the benefits to an early political coming out. Gay republican dating see, it gives us gay Republicans a great way to measure the character of our potential partners. Judge us by outside qualities they do. If they believe partisan differences mean romantic incompatibility, what other qualities might cause them trouble in the relationship? Well, the good folks at HillBuzz are just now learning this about their left-wing peers, something long familiar to us gay righties.

This past weekend, Hillbuzz reports that a fetching Ozzie took an interest in one of their friends and fellow Palin supporter. But, as soon as he made mention of that Alaska reformer, well that interest was off. Now, Dave gay republican dating not sent the guy one single e-mail, had not said a word to this guy and yet was subject to a barrage of insults.

And I wondered if the guy was really interested in Dave, why he would so mouth off at him? Did he think that would make him more likely to respond favorably to his romantic entreaties? This reminded me of my own strange gay republican dating now nearly three years ago. I had met a man through an on-line dating service. After exchanging a few e-mails, we decided to meet for coffee. That went well enough that he suggested dinner.

So, we decided to watch this flick then, as now, available on DVD for our third get-together.

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