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Image - Question - Video - Meta - Website - Discussion - Article - Blog - Advice - Relationship - MBTI. I went on a date last night with an INTJ. Fascinating and deep stuff. This other person was amazing in many ways; very beautiful, intelligent, the slightest hint of a Russian accent, sharp and fluid, speaks multiple languages, good job, 23 years old — pretty much all the qualities of an exceptionally attractive mate.

However, the philosophical differences made us palpably unattractive to each other. I was fascinated to sit across from intj female dating intj male a highly intelligent and beautiful person who I have so much in common with on one hand, yet at the same time have zero chemistry due to different perspectives on the world. I think we both enjoyed the stimulating conversation, but at the end of the night was an awkward hug two INTJs share, no mention of seeing each other again, and a very quick intj female dating intj male bye.

The first problem was keeping the octopuses alive. The four-hundred-gallon tank was divided into separate compartments for each animal. But even though students hammered in dividers, the octopuses found ways to dig beneath them—and eat each other. If you intj female dating intj male to one-up the octopi people, point out that the pus in octopus comes from the Greek pous for foot, and not the Latin second declension masculine ending, making octopodes the correct form.

They will surely love you for it. If I can't get what I want, then this relationship is pointless. For me, what I want, is a relationship. It is give and take, but if the other person cannot even give into small things for me, how can I be expected to do the same. What I want is not a lot, but it is important. Finding someone who is compatible is already an uncommon event in a lifetime. Finding a INTJ-INTJ comparable romanic relationship with the rarest personality types out there is a rare gem.

But it can happen. I am lucky to be engaged to another INTJ. We are really lucky to have extremely similar world views. I had never met another person that I thought had the capability to understand my quirks, I am so glad I met her. How did you meet? How much common ground did you have? Did you fight over Nietzsche and, if so, who won? How do you two grow intj female dating intj male with classic-INTJ stubbornness? Do you believe you have troubles with emotional expression or factoring emotions into decision making?

We met at a social dance class. I would say we have similar life philosophies and life goals. When we disagree we try to find the root of it. Sometimes it's as simple as a difference in word definition. Intj female dating intj male we find ourselves at an impasse we figure out who cares more or if the subject is worth resolving at all.

But the most effective thing is to remember that we care about each other more than we do about our position in any debate. What is it with Nietzsche and INTJs? Why are we all drawn to that philosophy, but with differing opinions? For me, Nietzsche hit me just at the right time of existential crisis, and with just the right answers. He unapologetically attacks every institution intj female dating intj male has ever offended him, and not just attacks them but obliterates them — this I found to be very inspiring.

Everything about his philosophy I found inspiring, more so than any other INTJ philosopher. INTJ is not your or her identity. We make it work because we want the same things and find a moral common ground, we just get there in different ways. We also realize that we can both make sacrifices of our individuality to become more cohesive as a couple. We are both comfortable with disagreement.

I agree that our MBTI doesn't necessarily define our philosophical understanding of the world although, there is some levels of correlation with politics and MBTI. If anything, what we shared was that we're both highly intelligent, well composed and educated about our ideas, and extremely stubborn because we each are confident about the foundations of our ideas.

I'm not going to change any time soon, and it struck me that she wouldn't either. Most INTJs will view any intj female dating intj male from multiple perspectives, second guess themselves, ponder alternatives, and reluctantly commit. Personally, the moment I commit to a conviction, I find myself picking it apart, mostly because I don't want to be embarrassed later by what I've just proclaimed.

We live in a society especially if you're American that will goad you into taking a position you're not sure of, because only a person with strong convictions is worth listening to. Intj female dating intj male favors the bold, and no one likes a bumbling philosopher The only advice I can offer is to remember that, if you value what can be considered 'the truth', then you have to sacrifice a little pride, ego, and stubbornness to find it.

Don't let a difference of opinion and a container called "INTJ" ruin what 'could be'. INTJ's tend to be very honest as well, so perhaps you could even have a rational and tactful talk about this with her. On my date last night, as we were talking books I mistakenly confused Catch 22 as being by Kurt Vonnegut thinking it was Slaughterhouse Fiveshe immediately corrected me, "You mean Joseph Heller?

What the fuck, ya moron. I know, I know. If you and I end up on a date, I promise I will not confuse any authors, I swear! Sounds like you passed on what sounds like a wonderful, smart and attractive young woman. Even if you are different there are still opportunities to learn. Disagreement doesn't mean a relationship intj female dating intj male doomed.

Is is more important HOW the conflict is resolved. And often times, rigorous debate can prove to be a turn on if handled the right way.

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