Age dating laws in kansas

Kansas – Age of Consent Laws

Okay. Is it legal in the state of Kansas for a 16 & 24 year old to have sex without parent permission? Can thy date?

The answer age dating laws in kansas that simple because "age of consent" isn't a legal term under Kansas law, Dist. Copy and paste the link: See our terms of kansass for RSS feeds. Search menu Advanced Search Archives Site map. KUsports Haskell Royals Chiefs Sporting KC High school Professional Columns. Movie times TV listings Music Comics Crossword and Puzzles Visual arts Literature Theatre Dance Arts events.

Videos Age dating laws in kansas galleries Audio slide shows Submit a photo. Sound Off What is the age of consent for sex in Kansas, 14 or 16? Comments Use the comment form below to begin a discussion about this content. Commenting has been disabled for this item. Most discussed Most e-mailed. Letter to the editor: Frank Mason III and 3 other Sacramento rookies aiming to rebuild the Kings July 8, More.

Kansas Legal Ages Laws

Kansas Age of Consent Lawyers

What Is The Age Of Consent?

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