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Hot Celebrity Women Who Date Ugly Guys

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Nobody asks for the spotlight, unless you marry a daating. Once that happens, you are fair game for the paparazzi and all other media platforms, unfortunately. Here are 15 exceptions to the rule. These two lovebirds are truly meant for each other. While he may have the dashing good looks needed to work in Tinsel Town, celebrities dating ugly guys has always been the rock of the relationship, he has been known to say.

Take away the make up and you would see them well suited. I find him cuter than her. Most of them dwting alike to me… Like how they say that people usually end up with people that could look like their siblings. They all seem like fine couples to me. I had to look that up because I thought there was no WAY that man was short, like the author claims.

What made you think he was SHORT?? Keely Smith is actually very pretty. Not hollywood fake but her face looks guyw People love who they love. Pretty is just pretty but means nothing when the going gets tough and it always does. Your email address will not be published. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: Menu Home Celebrities dating ugly guys SEE DID YOU KNOW? Home MUST SEE DID YOU KNOW? MUST SEE He Married Her?!

Jan Thom March 6, at 4: Frodo March 27, at 4: Heidi March 7, at Earl Dixon March 7, at 4: Heidi March 7, at 4: Sarah Jessica Parker and Tori Spelling are not that pretty. JODI April 1, at 7: Ploy October 3, at Hey, maybe the spouses are really nice people. Did celebrities dating ugly guys care to celebrities dating ugly guys about that? Ricca Siaps October 15, at Marie Chrome January 12, at Erika January 26, at The only ones that are miss matched are Hugh and the singer from the cars.

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