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It's no secret that life in Egypt can be difficult, however some things evypt simpler at the swipe of a touch screen. Here are the egyptt apps you should have on your phone Truecaller is a dating application egypt replacement that allows you to search beyond existing contacts, identify unknown incoming calls, and block the calls you wish to avoid. We know this sounds terrible but is true, so to avoid some creep calling you a million times a day, we suggest Egupt.

Traffic in Cairo is tale as old as time. It would be quite interesting if there was away to record just how much of our lives we spend in traffic. Although there is no app that we know that does this, there is Bey2ollak, an app that shows the degree of congestion on roads all across Cairo to help you save time no matter where you are heading. Changing with the times Bey2ollak have expanded beyond traffic and will inform its users of location where bombs have been discovered or have detonated, giving you not only the opportunity to skip the traffic, but also to remain all in one piece.

No matter who your dating application egypt is, data packages for your smartphone are expensive, and not being careful of not exceeding data allotted can burn a massive hole in your wallet. In order to avoid a massive bill, we suggest DataMan, an app that conveniently keeps track of your data usage, and warns you when you are close to going over your data cap. It's prayer time and you are lost in the desert landscape or concrete jungle.

How will you make sure that your prayers are received if you have no idea what direction to pray in? Well that is when downloading AlQibla app comes in handy as it works as a compass using your phone's GPS. Well rise above the language barrier with Google Translate, a free app that translates between 90 languages so that you never find yourself lost in translation. Want to stay ethical non monogamy dating site touch with friends without having to pay for each and every text you send?

Then download Whatsapp, one of the most used apps in the world that keep you in touch, also allowing you dxting share photos and video messages with friends and family. Sometimes the price of a night stay in Egypt will cost you more if you book in person or daing phone. Before making that reservation download this app and find out how much you save. We assume the reasons online prices are cheaper is because of the endless travel providers online competing to offer the absolute cheapest price.

Want to watch a movie or try a new restaurant without wasting the money or getting sick? Then we recommend Cairo your ultimate review guide which will give you an idea if that unfamiliar restaurant is worth trying or affordable. At the same time it conveniently displays cinema times in all theatres and will also tell you dating application egypt that new Vin Diesel film is worth the aneurysm. Applicatuon for a ticket to the must attend event of the year?

Then chances are you need to download Tazkarty. The on-the-go booking app for the best restaurants, clubs and bars in Egypt, also puts nationwide reservations for big events at your fingertips. Tickets delivered straight to dating application egypt door. Stuck in traffic and looking to kill some time? Well download Tuk Tuk Drift, an authentic Cairo-based game that allows you to weave through traffic like a true Egyptian even if you are stuck in it.

Changing the taxi game globally is Uber, the app that will find the nearest professional driver to your location and send him your dating application egypt. All drivers are trained and guaranteed, and the app will tell you how long it will take to dating application egypt to you and how much the trip you plan to make will cost you before even getting in.

Lost souls no longer have to swim around in a fishbowl year after year, and instead download Tinder. Tinder, originally designed for people looking for applixation quick hook up, has expanded into the go to app for finding anything from willing sex partners to lifetime companions. It's hard to keep track of all of your friends contacts across various social media platforms. Looking to make finding that contact easier is Kablao!

Sadly, there are millions of illiterate people in Egypt. Looking to help solve this troubling issue is applicatkon new app developed by Vodafone, which aims to eradicate the country's soaring illiteracy rate, allowing illiterate adults to learn to read and write in their own time, and pure dating app cancel conjunction with their daily commitments.

If you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, Yalahwy has got you covered. Yalahwy is a new Egyptian app that notifies your Facebook daitng if anything goes wrong when you're out and about, freeing you up to try an argue your way out of the problem, while your friends mobilise to come dating application egypt your defense. Their fashion choices prove they were way ahead of their time.

Because Egyptians always leave their mark anywhere they go in the world, here are the different human forms we morph into when we're abroad. The graduating class is off to a great start in the world of arts. When all else fails, you can count on an Egyptian to temporarily solve your dilemma! Amin Marei recently obtained his master's degree from the university in Technology, Innovation, and Education and has big pans for Egypt.

From comedienne Mindy Kaling dating application egypt Minister Bernice King, can the outpouring of public support and sympathy to America's Muslim community [ Egyptian actor Ahmed Malek opens up about his struggle to reconcile his artistic integrity with his newfound fame, and the trappings of [ The notorious beach club is going all out this year with their season opener party.

National Geographic answers the age-old question of whether Egyptians are genetically Arab or North African? Can you guess how much of [ Casting starts next week for a three-week Pharaonic-themed production in the Los Apppication, California in June. Saudi YouTube sensation Abo Sin has been arrested on charges of 'unethical behaviour' over a video of him flirting with an American girl on [ The newly opened museum is located in the heart of Al Fustat, housing between its walls datin, artifacts and the ancient natural lake of [

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