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Hey guys, I've seen a few threads lately in personal issues about farmers dating and its peeked my interest. Both from the content and also because a friend of mine is dating a farmer and experiencing the same sort of thing. I'm not sure if many of you have seen the threads but there was one from a farmer saying he'd met a lovely dublin girl and was looking for advice on if it could work out I thinkn his family was creating a problem for them or there was an on thread sstory about another farmer whose family didn't like the girl and it ended in the break up.

There was another thread from a girl irish farmer dating sites was dating a farmer and wanted to move in with him and was trying to make friends with his neighbours and family but when she didn't do the dishes he complained about her to his neighbours giveing her an unfavourable reputation in her potential future home.

My own irish farmer dating sites is born and bred in Dublin, she's well travelled, as is the farmer she's dating. She doesn't go clubing much, if at all but likes going out. Mainly for dinner or theatre, or to bar for one or two. She is drop dead gorgeous, really stunning, when we're out in Dulin she always turns heads and will have both men and women complimenting her, love your hair, where did you get that dress, amazing make up, you look great etc.

She has really long dark hair, beautiful irish skin, blue eyes and a gorgeous welcoming friendly smile. She is a great friend, warm, caring, compassionate, funny, loyal to a fault. Her bf is about 15 yrs older than her, loves that she always looks good, he is charming and for the most part well mannered although sometimes takes the banter jokes too far. My overall impression of him is that he's a gentleman and this would be shared by our friends. Although we think highly of him, we would be of the opinion that he has done very well for himself with our friendbut that wouldn't be meant in a mean way if thats understandable?

However my friend has started to experience the same things from the other threads apologies if thread info was not accurate-trying to recall from memory in that she is expected to cook his every meal when they're together and do all the cleaning. She is a very good cook though and openly admits she loves cooking. He is always calling her lazy and telling her to exercise more. Now she is the perfect size 10, a figure to die for.

She says he irish farmer dating sites mean anything mean by it but considering her looks are a big thing to him and they are fanatsic then why would he criticise her? One friend is worried he's trying to push her into an old housewive of submission position. She has never not lived in a city, works, is a full time single parent and goes to evening college so apart from the cheek of her bf trying to get her to clean his house when she is still cleaning her own, she wouldn't even have the time to be doing all his housework and is working very hard so could not be called lazy!

So anyhow the irish farmer dating sites point of my thread was how would you feel about dating in the farming community nowadays? The only examples i have here paint an archaic picture of a woman being brought into a mans home for slave labour with no regard to her own life. Now that women farmers are on the rise where does that leave their other halves? Are the husbands of female farmers going to do all the cooking and cleaning and probably child rearing?

Or will the woman have to take on all that including the farm?? Do farmers find it easy to meet people or are they limiting themselves to people brought up in the farming community? This is just pure irish farmer dating sites on my part from the threads and hearing about my friend. Sorry this was irish farmer dating sites a long post!

And no offense was meant in the making of this thread Threads i'm reffering to; http: Well having spent a good few years in the pale I have an idea what your talking about. Any guy that thinks he deserves his cooking and cleaning done for him is a embrassment whatever his profession is. I always tell my female friends whatever they do dont fall for a farmer. Oh and why do all girls say their friends are gorgeous. I have some horrid looking female friends and im far far from an oil painting myself.

I wouldn't say all my friends are gorgeous, just trying to be as accurate as possible and this girl is just a stunning girl. So if you wouldn't want a lady to share your life, then how do you see your life going? Have you given up on finding a partner altogether or are you only looking inwards to the farming community to find one? I can't believe that the men expect a woman would do all their cooking and cleaning, have they not realised that the women have their own homes to be cleaning?

I know my friend was made a laugh of for not doing 'the' scared to go speed dating in his home before. I would clean my own irish farmer dating sites, i wouldn't clean my friends homes or my boyfriends home, i'm cleaning what is my responsibility, other peoples homes are their responsibility. What has really struck me with my friend is how they are only an hour away from each other but the cultural differences are insanely vast.

She's used to vip sections of clubs and in my local whoever sits closest to the tv gets a smack across the head when someone wants the channel changed Had to laugh at that - seriously, is someone taking the piss here? What has really struck me with my friend is how they are only an hour away from each other but the cultural differences are insanely vast its all very well being up to date with the latest PC trends but the fact of the matter is that farming is an incredibly time consuming job - lifeyour never really finished and any woman that marrys a farmer should be under no illusion about thisa farmer simply wouldnt have time to spend as much time doing house choirs as his wife or mother etcbesideswhats wrong with the wife doing the house work for the most partas for farmers and how thier parents feel about thier irish farmer dating sites partnersthe previous generation of farmers and country folk tended for the most part to be very selfish irish farmer dating sites it came to thier childrenas i often saymy dad brought me into this world to carry buckets of milk 1st and foremostthe farm was everything and it was expected that the son when it came to choosing a matewould consider what effect this choice would have on the farm above all thingsim not saying this was universally the case but in general it washence whyfarmers tended to marry nursesteachers and other relativley conservative professionsi dont think ive ever heard of any farmer marrying a glamorous city girlala the women from sex and the citynot that i watch that kind of thing you understand.


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