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By signing up, to you agree to our Terms of Use and our Talk Guidelines. Apologies, but we're not accepting new user registrations at the moment. You're free to browse the site as a guest in the meantime. Mugs - how many is too many? Crying - ridiculous reasons. Nursery rhymes - unacceptable? Skeleton - is it haunted? Stupid questions - no such thing? To hate this every Friday question?

To spend every waking moment worrying For making DP's sister's come and pick Too young for engagement? He just asked me for a written apology Ovulation calculator Due date calculator Family meal planner Baby name finder. Why Did Nobody Tell Me? The book to lead you through the minefield that is 21st century parenting. Are mumsnet best dating site all full of blokes just after one thing or are there any genuine ones out there?

I feel like I'd start to get out there again, but don't go out much to meet anyone - and the ones I meet are all after one thing. Where can I find an honest bloke? Tell me some success stories! It seemed to me sometimes that they were like little boys in a large sweet shop. However, having met DP a little over a year ago, I can say that there are some geniune ones on there, though the hunt to find the elusive holy grail could be a long and disheartening one.

I've done loads of online dating. It's basically the same as bumping into someone in a pub and getting chatting. Most of them will be fine, but not your type, some are tossers, now and then you find a good one. Online does allow ppl to lie up to the point when you meet. But once you've met up it's just like anyone else you met randomly. I went on dating sites a few years ago.

I was probably over cautious - arranged to meet dh 3 times and kept cancelling lol. I have tried it and have given up! It is good if you don't have the opportunity mumsnet best dating site meet many men especially those who are perhaps at a similar stage in life. Online dating allows you to mumsnet best dating site completely upfront however alot of people dont read your profile properly.

You can also search specifically for people who also have children. I think it can course work. HOwever there are a lot of men "window shopping" to quote someone I went out with! I just didnt have any success! So good ones do exist, unfortunately you end up 'meeting' a few bad ones along the way, ime! Don't give up at the first hurdle!

Thinking about it, if you're going to try stuff like this, I think Speed Dating is the one. I've done it myself, and a few friends have. One is very happily married with two kids to 'Mr 34' that she met Speed Dating. I tried internet dating in after I had split up with a long term boyfrined. I mumsnet best dating site quite picky I ended up marrying a man that I met on it and we are still together.

There are really nice men out there It I had to do it now, I would look at the Sarah Beeney site I met my DH through online dating. Be very careful about what site you use and do a lot of prescreening. I used Dating Direct, the fact that you have to pay a small amount puts off the non serious, and I refused to meet anyone who used text speak.

You do need to post your photo to get a reasonable response. Standard tips are don't build up a huge online relationship, swap a couple of messages to make sure you might get on, one or two phone calls tops, then meet up for a coffee or drink, keep it low key and short. Give it a go, hope it works out. Totally agree with rookiemater I mumsnet best dating site mine through dating direct too!

I met the most wonderful man online just over two months ago and we're alrady making plans for the future Before that I had loads of dates and another quite serious relationship that lasted a year. It works very well if you just apply common-sense as you would meeting someone offline. Agree with the others, use a paid site, the free ones like PoF are really hard work. I'd be very very cautious about the site you use and meeting them. Yes, there are a lot of complete wankers out there and beware that it is extremely easy to lie and yes, men do!

Mumsnet best dating site met my soon to be ex-partner 2 years ago on Match. Thought everything was fabulous until a couple of months ago when I found out that he's got active profiles on Plentyoffish, Dating Direct, SwingingHeaven, FriendsReunited Dating and countless more. The low life scum has international interracial dating websites been emailing and IMing other women, arranging to meet and even sending explicit photos, all while we've been together.

Beware, men are scum and are not to be trusted. His pathetic excuse was that it was all a laugh with his armed forces colleagues!!! He even had a profile as a woman called Lara and an email address in her name to pull other women as a lesbian. How twisted is that? I met DP online, through a dating site; 3 years together and and plans for a baby in the new year so yes very successful!

IMO if you want some fun go for a free dating site. If you are looking for a relationship go for one where you have to pay, it shows some commitment I think. My sister is trying out eharmony at the moment, she's having a good mumsnet best dating site. Even if you don't find Mr Right straight away it's really fun if you take mumsnet best dating site for just that: Chat with people, go on some dates, flirt, have a laugh and don't pressurise yourself or prospective men into a relationship.

I have to say that I've had largely negative experiences - the few times I've been persuaded to meet men from dating sites, they've, lets say, not been all they seem. Generalisation but I reckon most men mumsnet best dating site don't put up photos are married - and have had this suspicion confirmed on several occasions. However, if any mumsnet best dating site you more successful online daters would look at my profile for me and tell me where I'm going wrong give me ideas for improvement, I'd be very grateful [looks around for begging emoticon].

I met my fiance on a dating site. I found my Lovely Boyfriend on plenty of fish. We've been together about 8 months now. He's awesome - I love him. And he loves me! Dumped me the next day. I got really lucky I think - have not had much luck, or is it judgement! Am very about all the successful internet daters on mn but very happy for you all.

Hope that this time round I find someone great as well - or at least not a mad, knobby, eejit who's only after one thing

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