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Ultraviolence View Profile View Forum Posts. Strong response to blackpeoplemeet. BongoBanger View Profile View Forum Posts. CagedLion View Profile View Forum Posts. Nazi dating site girl is cute. I'm sure telling her we'd make master race white babies she'd let me raw dog it. KingFluffy View Profile View Forum Posts. That last girl is actually kinda cute, inb4 nazichildren. DjinnMarie View Profile View Forum Posts. Bashing racists then ends with this quote "And I'd have to hide the fact that I'm pro-race-mixing.

Hey, c'est la vie. White chicks' butts are too flat, anyways. Mrs Grudge View Profile View Forum Posts. Bench - Deadlift - since surgery Squat - FAIL Came in expecting whales and groce. Twerk4it View Profile View Forum Posts. Turbomunkey View Profile View Forum Posts. OP time to find a hobby bra. MojoTheMonkey View Profile View Forum Posts.

FabienStyle View Profile View Forum Posts. That's why it referred to it as the Neo-nazi Myspace. Can we get a Swedish miscer to try nightclub dating website have mazi with this sloot? Those girls are hot and what's wrong nazi dating site a white girl wanting a white man? If it was a black dating site saying blacks only no one would care but it's a problem when white people want their own safe neighborhoods or relationships.

White people better wake up before immigrants and blacks turn sit country into planet of the apes. Immichaelski View Profile View Forum Posts. I have a polish last name and yes I datiny what they did. You have to admit though if not for them Germany would no longer exhist and no telling nazi dating site Europe would look like. HerrPeterson Nazi dating site Profile View Forum Posts.

I mean, I'm not endorsing Nazism, but Michaelski has a point. I think white girls are hotter. That's just my cawk's natural reaction. Nothing wrong with that. But definitely not good to be a Nazi. I think America was involved in ww2. My grandfather was drafted and he said as soon as they landed in Germany everyone was being sniped nazi dating site. He was the only survivor. They told nazi dating site wife that he was killed in action before they even got there. He survived behind enemy lines for quite some time.

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Amusing Bizarreness from Nazis at the Center of the Earth

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