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Dating scan tomorrow!

By signing up, to you agree to our Terms of Use and our Talk Guidelines. Apologies, but we're not accepting new user registrations at the moment. You're free to browse the site as a guest in the meantime. Mugs - how many is too many? Crying - ridiculous reasons. Nervous about first dating scan rhymes - unacceptable? Skeleton - is it haunted? Stupid questions - no such thing? To hate this every Friday question? He just asked me for a written apology To spend every waking moment worrying AIBU to take a vow of nervous about first dating scan and To be ashamed of myself?

Ovulation calculator Due date calculator Family meal planner Baby name finder. Download the Mumsnet Pregnancy Tracker app for week-by-week advice and experience - at your fingertips. Would you like to be a member of our research panel? Join here - there's nearly always a great incentive offered for your views. Nervous about first dating scan am looking for some reassurance really. I am having my 12 week scan on Saturday and am absoloutely worried to death about it - everywhere I look I am reading things about babies not growing past 9 weeks and although I have experienced no bleeding or anything really untoward I am really really worried.

Have been all so far with this one for nervous about first dating scan reason. Hi Loubyloo, Congratulations by the way. You'll be fine its just nerves. I wasnt nervous for my 12 week scan more excited think at that stage I still couldnt quite believe I was pregnant. When you have it you'll feel so overwhelmed when you see your little baby on the screen. Its lovely to see. Im 39 weeks now and would've loved to have more had my last one when I was 23 weeks feels like centuries ago!

Oh yeah ask for pictures some hospitals dont print them unless you request them pretty dumb I know. Worry, it's all part of the being a mum. You can't help it. Just try to stay calm. My advice is don't read too much, it will send you loopy. LoubyLou, I felt exactly the same. I had no cramping nervous about first dating scan bleeding or anything untoward, but then read about missed miscarriages and couldn't help feeling paranoid that I'd had one and just didn't know. All was absolutely fine - I almost couldn't believe my eyes when a baby appeared on the monitor in front of me!

I think there's just too much information about what can go wrong these days: Good luck - and try to enjoy it as it's really very exciting once you've relaxed! I really really want to be that excited and half of me is, the other half just wants to pull it forward, go tomorrow and get it over and done with so that I know IYSWIM! I need a kick up the backside God, so you are a week to go, all going well Fingers crossed for you - even though it seems an age since your last scan - just think, in not too much time at all you will be meeting baby properly Good luck!

For all those babies who don't grow, just look around you at everyone walking around who DID grow In 4 days time you will be seeing your baby, and you will worry about everything for the rest of your life. To be honest, I was in a big state for my 12 week scan in my second pregnancy, partly because I knew of a colleague who had a missed miscarriage - the baby had died early on, there was no sign of anything wrong.

And then would you believe it, it happened to me to. It was very sad, heartbreakingly so, but at least I knew this could happen. On the one hand, I was prepared - unlike my friend who had no idea that such a thing could happen, and was really really shocked and traumatised- but it did teach me that you can worry your head off and if something is going to happen, it does, no matter how much you worry - the least you can do is try to enjoy life.

On a happier note, I got pregnant again quickly, nervous about first dating scan had a great 12 week scan a few weeks ago. These worries are all part of being a mum as Lucy5 says - the worries are so often outweighed by the joys, but both are pretty intense. So fill your time, and good luck and good courage for saturday - let us know how it went!

This is how it starts - the whole motherhood thing. I reckon you will worry for the next 20 years. I was such a wreck with my 12 week scans they put me in the room for ladies who had bad news and all mine were fine - i just sobbed with relief. You don't stop worrying, you just get used to it! Hi LoubyLou, Like all the other ladies have said its completely normal to worry. I'm not saying this to scare you more its to get my point across that we all worry, my friend at work was pregnant and there were problems with it she was off work for a while and it was very traumatic for her and this was at the time when I was about 9 weeks pregnant.

My friends ordeal has made me even more nervous about first dating scan that something will go wrong and how precious bubs are. Look forward to it! Let us know how you go on. I feel EXACTLY the same too - my 12 week scan is on 25th September and I'm convinced they're going to tell me that the baby died weeks ago. The thing is, I haven't had much in the way of symptoms - no sickness, just the occasional slight nausea. I'm not particularly tired. I don't have the metal taste thing or the cravings or any of that.

Apart from my boobs being a size bigger and quite sore, I don't feel nervous about first dating scan different than I did 10 weeks ago. So you're not being daft. I can't offer any reassurance because I've probably been reading exactly the same things you have - but at least you know you're not the only one who feels like this! Thanks so much all of you - couple of things have struck home from those notes. I am going to throw worry to the wind for the next few days and look forward to it Again - thanks, I will post on Saturday - and Lazyemma - i'll be nagging you then to quit worrying.

I just wanted to say, the stats are with you for all being well - nervous about first dating scan my story and indeed my friend's - she's due next month! I had my scan yesterday It was FAB All is absoloutely wonderful, wonderful heartbeat, flipping and bouncing about. God I am so relieved!! I had convinced myself on Nervous about first dating scan night even though I have quite a bump already that I wasn't even pregnant!

Thank you all so so much for your reassurance last week, and Emma - you look forward to your scan on the 25th now x.

Nervous about first scan

12 week scan nerves!!!


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