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Before we get into the meat of this article, let me share a story about racism that is relevant to the daying of the article. I like to think of datint as something of a social activist. I hand out bottles of water and cheeseburgers to homeless drug addicts in Los Angeles. I ruthlessly shut down a group at my university that advocated for the racial profiling of Arab-Americans and I campaigned for the inclusion of an LGBTQ support group at the conservative Southern campus.

Behold one of their finest examples:. Creepy White Online dating for asian guys is a collection of the most embarrassingly bad messages sent in by white men suffering from yellow fever, the dreaded disease that causes white men to melt into barely comprehensible pools of racist stereotypes poorly disguised as sexual fetishes.

Asian women are so docile. Asian women just spoil their men. Asian women are so virtuous. Asian women are so obedient. And I was determined to get to the bottom of it. I started out by creating two identical female profiles on OK Cupid, one white and one Asian, to see what I got. In Los Angeles it seemed like creepy white men were well-behaved. But then I had a stroke of genius.

I have myself been on the receiving end of vitriolic hatred and profuse racial stereotypes, not because of my own race, but because of the race of men I typically choose to date: When I switched the profiles over to having a preference for Asian men, I struck racist gold:. Online dating is great. Women do little to no work at all; men are more than online dating for asian guys to flood our inboxes.

And according to OK Cupid itself, Asian men have one of the lowest rates of response from women, an abysmal I took that I spent a MONTHS tailoring my male profiles, tweaking the pictures, testing the openers, and figuring out which pictures boosted the response rate, which kind of profile got men ignored, and which women were the most likely to reply before I found the holy grail of online dating for Asian men.

They soldier on ahead. Yes, they get rejected, and so will you, but whereas online dating for asian guys majority of Asian men are sitting back and waiting for permission before approaching a girl, white men are approaching anyway. In the guyys dating world, approaching a woman using any line that is unrelated to your interest in her is known as an indirect opener.

The idea is to break the ice and have her warm up to you before you drop the bombshell of online dating for asian guys interest into her lap. When you approach women online dating for asian guys attraction first, their defenses may rise; approaching online dating for asian guys an asina opener lowers their defenses. Overall, indirect openers had the best response tuys out of any of the messages I picked out and on their own they online dating for asian guys the playing field.

We women love discussing our asin with you, and if you can get her talking then you can get her dating. See Figure 2 next page for an example. Write a good profile. Leave the Cheetos stains and torn Superman underwear out of your profile picture. Let your profile picture show who you are as a man. Do you go rock climbing? Jump rope with live cobras? Let her see it. Believe it or not, black women will respond at higher rates than women of any other race.

Other minorities actually have online dating for asian guys low response rates. No Jedi mind tricks. No crazy, convoluted sequences. You can be an average, normal guy doing average, normal things. You just have to put your puzzle pieces together in the right order. What happens when you use the classic advice of talking about something she mentions in her profile? After more than a year of running experiments, I had FINALLY cracked the code of online dating for Asian men.

Anyone who denies that fact is a fool. Even for me race is a factor; I love Asian men! But using that as an excuse for sitting back and doing nothing only makes fof situation worse. We know that women are open to dating Asian men. We even know that with the right openers, Asian men have BETTER chances than white men. Lily May Mac is an Australian Filipina model with over 3 million followers on Instagram. Her social media following contributed ….

Released on March 17 …. You've probably seen this Indonesian teenager audaciously rap, Rich Chigga. Seen the master of the Midi, Shawn Wasabi, mash on …. Very insightful…nice, I like your upbeat attitude about online dating. Online dating is pretty tough. Dwting did it for a while and only got couple dates. Asian Babes Editorials Opposite Sex Photo Submissions Shop Merchandise Subscribe.

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How Asian Guys Can Get Better OKCupid Responses Than White Guys

BLACKS & ASIANS & DATING (Oh My!) - Interracial Dating Episode Part I

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