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It slowly chipped away at my soul… quietly nudging me deeper and deeper into depression. My life was pathetic. It also serves as a great tear-dryer. Women were just… repelled by me. I was lucky to even get friendzoned. I learned the secrets to having sex with the hottest women in the rochester mn dating sites. Learning what I did saved my life. When I ask this question, most guys say things like: Hearing this makes me frustrated — because it is SO FAR from the truth.

And it has NOTHING to do simple pickup project go dating money, status or looks. Then why do I see good looking, rich guys with hot girls all the time??! The answer to that is simple. The by product of having money, status or looks is what attracts women. Imagine knowing how to achieve this by product without needing to rely on superficial nonsense. Imagine having women be naturally attracted to you… BEFORE you say a word! Imagine having the power to choose who you want to sleep with or date.

Imagine having a new adventure with a new girl… every single day. Men are attracted to physical traits while women are attracted to personality traits. It was a really sick way of thinking. Simple pickup project go dating went out one night and watched this short, below cross dating refers to looking asian guy talk to women.

What I saw made my jaw hit the floor. I watched as he went up to this stunning blonde, and had her fawning over him immediately. This went against everything I thought was possible. He grabbed her by the hand and lead her to a cab… he pinched her ass right before she got in. I went home that night with my mind spinning out of control. I just witnessed something I had only heard about…. I just saw a below average looking guy go home with a stunning girl… if THAT guy could do it, then SURELY I could.

That night changed my entire life. I went back to that same bar and saw him again. I creepily watched him do the EXACT same thing with ANOTHER gorgeous girl… but this time, I tried to imitate him. Over the course of the next few months I actually ended up becoming friends with this guy. He took me under his wing and told me to do just ONE thing….

I was able to watch what he did and emulate exactly what he was doing. I would never have been able to do it without seeing it done first. I watched him kiss a girl by gently pulling her in by the waist… then I tried it — and it worked. I watched him do a hundred different things successfully with women he just met. I was able to emulate all of them. Meeting women works the same way. You need to actually SEE someone doing it… THEN emulate it.

Well — this means you just discovered the best simple pickup project go dating to date the women that make your heart skip a beat. This means the best way to learn is by WATCHING someone successful do it… this means you need to watch VIDEOS of guys that are Simple pickup project go dating good in order to learn how to do it yourself. Psychologists have proven visual retention occurs by letting your unconscious mind absorb images of ideal outcomes.

We take hidden camera footage of us meeting gorgeous women and teach you how to do it. You get to see every second of our interaction from beginning to end. Project Go is results-based. Everything it contains is based on getting you real results. I will stop at nothing to change you into the kind of man who attracts women effortlessly. But you must remember, this is a total transformation. It will not be easy and it will not be quick. I am going to get you to the point where picking up women is as natural as breathing.

The process of becoming a man who is absolutely amazing with women starts right now — by YOU accepting the fact that this is going to take some time and effort. When I first started, I had NO clue what the hell I was doing — and it was STILL the best time simple pickup project go dating my life. With the proper guidance from us, your life is going to be unrecognizable in a few months.

Guys who go through Project Go generally experience success with women beyond anything they expected. How to have sex with a girl you just met. This video alone is worth the price of admission. We have video proof. God mode is the single most important concept in pick-up. Because once you reach it, you never run out of things to say. How to use rejections to get laid.

What if I told you that by getting rejected, you are guaranteeing success. It sounds counter intuitive, huh? How to attract a woman with your voice. In fact, they are immediately turning off women by their voice. So what kind of results can simple pickup project go dating expect if you join Project Go? Well, we surveyed our members about their results and this is what we found:. LOTS of lost virginities. Not being able to juggle so many women is actually a simple pickup project go dating many members experience… this is the kind of problem I want you to have.

People who join Project Go are MUCH happier than they were before joining. How do we know this? Thank you so much Simple Pickup. I officially lost my virginity during my 2nd month of Project Go. This experience has been life-altering. I am forever in debt to you guys. You guys are seriously under-charging with Project Go. And in case you were wondering, the sex was amazing.

From the day I decided to join Project Go. Your videos not only gave me tips on how to pick up girls and confidence but also inspired me to not care about what people think of me. I have talked to more girls because of your tips than ever before. You guys may not read this but if you do THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!! You guys have flipped my life completely. I have been more comfortable around people. You guys have made me become who I am today. THANK YOU GUYS SOO MUCH, it would be an honor to meet the men that have changed my ways completely.

You guys have changed my life forever. Thank you so much! But I got out. How did I do it? I lived my childhood by that belief. Now I know better. So, I have a question for you: What do you think women are most attracted to?

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